It's not about planting
It's not about planting

Few people realise the complexities of planting forests or reforestation.Planting is perhaps the easiest part of the whole process, what is important is to ensure that the young seedlings will survive the first few years and become grown-up trees.

For that, we plant the saplings in small trenches dug parallel with the slope so they collect rainwater naturally. Next is making sure that wild grass around the plants are removed so that they do not take water and nutrients necessary for the young saplings. That requires sending workers many times per year on the fields and ensure that all is going well and that the plants are healthy.
However that is not even the whole picture.

Forests are complex ecosystems. Our aim at My Forest is for quality and biodiversity. To ensure biodiversity, we plant many different local species of trees and also different species of shrubs as they attract insects and birds. Also one needs to avoid using invasive species and work only with endemic species. Invasive species grow easily and spread quickly however at the cost of suppressing local species, which in turn decreases biodiversity.

You will easily understand now that proper seed selection is the most crucial part of the whole process. We are planning to collect seeds from trees that show the most valuable qualities in order to encourage the growth of strong and diversified plants.

Needless to say, the challenges of global warming is also a factor we have to consider, that is why we value greatly our collaboration with the Agrarian University and biology experts around the world to ensure maximum success.

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